Saturday, July 18, 2009

*Insert Witty Title Here*

Apparently, this isn't going to be a daily blog. I knew when I started this that I would be here every day, diligently entertaining the world with my wit. I was going to have 20 readers (I have 2) and 10 followers by the end of the first day (I have 1). I was....Oh hell, I don't even remember what I *was* going to do. Is that normal? I have very selective memory since Sammie was born. I select to not remember anything. Well, select probably isn't the right word...I just don't remember anything.

Speaking of the kid, I swear she has a death wish. She has thrown herself off my lap, tried swallowing a Ritz cracker whole, got into the dog food, pulled a chair over on top of her, and took a header into the coffee table. This is all just today. I wonder why I didn't have the energy to go to the movies?

On another note, it has started raining here today...summer in Alaska is officially over. We had a great run, summer and I. I will miss your clear days, 70-90 degree temps, and sunlight from 3am to 2am. I have a nice deep tan now (by which I mean a slightly less ghostly white skin tone that *could* be called a farmer's tan). The ability to drive to both ends of the road without skidding and cursing the damned cabin fever was not unnoticed. It was nice while it lasted. You will be missed and I will be counting the days until I see you again next June.
I have NO CLUE what I was going to write about. I got distracted by my psyco dog running over the kid and making her scream bloody murder, which resulted in putting her (the dog) outside and listening to her cry until we caved and let her back in. She then proceeded to run around in circles like a crazed, rabid animal and almost ran over the kid again. Fun, fun, fun. Anyway, I have the rest of pint of Ben & Jerry's Phish Food to devour.

P.S. Thanks to Cape Cod Gal and Captain Dumbass for stopping by to say HI!

Friday, July 17, 2009


Well hello there and welcome. Thanks for dropping by! No, no, you didn't need to call first, I was just feeding the munchkin. Here, let me cover up my boobs *readjusting* okay, decent. Nice to meet you!

Okeydokey. Hey, look, I don't really do the uncomfortable silences very well. Do you want to hear a little bit about me? No? Well, too bad. I like to talk, so sit down and have a listen. It shouldn't take too long.

My name is Staci. I am a 26 year old new mom, trying to figure out this whole marriage and kids thing. My husband is Leon, and the ankle biter is Samantha. I use the term "ankle biter" in all honesty. She really does like to knaw on legs if she reaches them. A little background would be helpful, you say? Sure thing, I aim to please. I am a Coast Guard wife and a mommy to the most BEAUTIFUL 9 month old daughter ever. Okay, so maybe I am a little biased, but can you blame me? I didn't think so.

My husband is currently stationed in Alaska, so here I am, in the middle of ALASKA! I was born and raised in Louisiana, so this is a *little* out of my comfort zone. I am an insomniac, chocolate making, cake decorating, booze loving, hot mama who really wishes she could be lazy for a whole hour at a time. Ahh, what a vacation that would be...just reading or playing a game on the computer. I can almost see it now. The beach chair, sand, alcoholic beverage served in a coconut. Damn, I drooled on the laptop again. I really have to stop doing that. Anyways, moving on.... I am a workaholic, however am a stay at home mom. Sound crazy? It is. However, being a SAHM is so much harder than I thought it would be. Do you know that a 9 month old crawling baby can/does get into everything? I figured that one out.

I am so very new to this whole blogging thing, but ya know, I read blogs every day, so I think I have the general gist of things...kinda, sorta, maybe. Okay, probably not at all, but so what! I will get the hang of it. What, you want to know why I am all of a sudden jumping on the blogwaggon? I think that this whole mom thing is awesome and all, but I have somehow turned from party girl to wife to mommy. I am hoping that I can find my way back to a happy medium somehow, and if along the way I make some new friends, get some good advice, or just let other moms know that they aren't the only ones dealing with it...well, I think I can handle that. Until next time...