Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Move, baby, move

So, I have a walker. Not one of those horrible toy things that run over bare toes. A walking child. She has taken all of 7 steps on her own, so it's not like the kiddo will be running a marathon soon, but still! I am so proud I can hardly stand it. I wish I had my camera on me so I could have captured that look of pure joy on her face when she realized what she was doing. So instead of posting that picture, I will share one of the pictures that I am going to blackmail her with when she is older. Enjoy
She looks like she wants to eat the dog for dinner.

And just an FYI: Go visit John and Steve and help them celebrate their great news!



  1. Cute picture! I remember back to those first walking days (I don't think my son has stopped running since and he's seven now!)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for following!

  2. how adorable!! wait until that little one starts will be begging for your little cuddler back!

  3. Blogging Mama: Samantha is going to be like that. I laced up my running shoes the day she started crawling.

    A.L.B: I already miss my cuddly baby! As soon as she learned to crawl she has been all over the place and only wants me when she a)falls or b)wants to nurse.

  4. I keep looking at the picture expecting to see a big tongue taking a slurp. Hee. So cute!

  5. This shot both breaks and warms my heart...we had a boxer too and she passed when our son was only 9 months. We have awesome pics though. OH, i miss her!!!!

  6. so cute, I managed to snap a picture of my youngest taking her first steps. It was awesome!
    That 100 followers blog giveaway started this morning, thought you might like to know.

  7. Very cute! And thanks for the mention on your blog!